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DISPATCH: Forest Soul
Posted on April 27, 2005 by Anita Roddick

I’m excited to tell you that a good friend of mine, Misty Oldland, is returning to the music scene with a brand new sound and a simply amazing new album.

‘Forest Soul’ (Neo Classic Soul Label: Mistic Discs) is Misty’s third album and is a subtle mixture of cinematic soundscapes, hip hop grooves and sumptuous vocals. Featuring guest appearances from Roachford, Clevelan Watkiss and spoken word artist, HKB FiNN, and a host of world-class musicians.

‘Forest Soul’ is a collection of 17 soul songs with a message which creatively explores issues of conservation and spirituality, sampling sounds of the rainforest and 23 featured creatures, most of which are endangered.

You can check out ‘Forest Soul’, hear samples of the tracks and purchase copies by visiting the music shop on Misty’s website (and don’t forget to turn up the sound on your computer). And 50p from every album sold will be donated to Greenpeace.

Misty developed her unique vocal abilities performing in several bands in her early years but came to the nation’s attention in 1993 with her solo debut smash single “Got me a feeling” featuring Omar. Her debut album, ‘Supernatural’, followed and Misty’s message began emanating from radio stations worldwide. Her second album ‘Luminous’ was released in 1997 during a period when she became increasingly interested in conservation issues and began exploring the ideas around ethical business practices. She sought to combine her love of art with this new way of working. Misty was interested in using biodegradable material in all her business practices and in 2002 she created her production company: Mistic Discs in order to pursue just that.

As the head of a new production team, Misty Oldland recruited an eclectic group of fellow artists, scientists, ethical business consultants and music technicians to create new products for a generation of music lovers interested in conserving our natural resources as much as utilising our natural talents. The inherent pop sensibility that Misty wields, combined with her urban music savvy, created a memorable piece of music that once heard, will never be forgotten. The Orange Fox single, featuring Misty’s distinctive vocal tones set to a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, was an underground smash - paving the way for the long player: ‘Forest Soul’.

Topic : Friends & Family
Posted By : Anita Roddick
Posted On : April 27, 2005



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